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West Village Barkery

West Village Barkery

est Village Barkery (WVB) is a family owned business that specializes in all-natural dog treats. Located at 10363-B Warwick Boulevard,in Hilton Village, the business is owned and operated by Diane Aimi, an Army veteran, and her daughter Christine Parish. In 2016, West Village Barkery started as a home based business and moved into its current location a year later.

West Village Barkery prides itself on using products that are all natural and/or organic. The family was inspired to start the business after one of their dogs died of an illness. During this difficult time, they discovered that many commercial dog treats often contain ingredients that are unsafe. Diane started experimenting and making home-made treats for their other dog. She and Christine then began sharing them with other dog owners and selling them at local farmers markets.

The bakery is exclusively dog-focused and sells items such as bon-bons, flavored cannoli, seasonal cookies and decorated birthday cakes. As the business continues to grow, Diane and Christine are creating and testing diet specific treats for dogs with ailments such as pancreatitis, diabetes, and gastritis. In the future, they plan to expand to a larger building and incorporate other services such as grooming, boarding, and doggy day-care. They partner with the Peninsula SPCA, support the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter and local dog rescue groups.

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