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Considering a future in Newport News? Well consider us at your beck and call. We are the Economic Development Authorities, and our sole mission is to connect you to the resources you need to launch or grow your venture in Newport News.

Whether you’re just laying out your business plan, dipping a toe in the permit process, taking on a large scale infrastructure project, or looking to deepen relationships with the business community, our team can point you in the right direction and support you the whole way. When you start with the EDA, you’ll be growing faster and have a clear path to your future.

Learn more about our City “Where Great Things are Happening” in the 2020 Annual Report.


The core mission of the Newport News Economic and Industrial Development Authorities is to grow and diversify the tax and employment base of the City of Newport News.


  • Attract new businesses and industries to Newport News
  • Create new jobs and retain existing jobs
  • Retain and expand current businesses
  • Promote revitalization of Newport News

Success Stories

January 13, 2023
Industrial Development & Business Expansions

2022 Industrial Development & Business Expansions

June 27, 2022
Tech Center Beam Signing - Building II Newport News

Beam Signing Celebration at Tech Center

May 27, 2022
muhlbauer - Newport News

Mühlbauer to invest $9 million to upgrade Newport News facility

May 13, 2022
Ferguson - New York Stock Exchange

Ferguson’s Primary Listing Now on the NYSE As it Completes Transfer of Listing Category

August 31, 2020
ITA International LLC

Newport News-based ITA Awarded $50M Contract

September 26, 2019

Director of Development Recognized by Statewide Organization

May 31, 2017

National Turf Irrigation

May 26, 2017

Dilon Technologies, Inc.