Advanced Manufacturing

Newport News Manufactures Advanced Materials Magic

Newport News is a place where the world’s largest, most complex ships get built, along with some of the nation’s industries. 

Be in the cradle of STEM, the place where advanced manufacturing job growth skyrockets and since 1886, our nation’s top workers have come to develop technological innovations and lead industry. That drive and creativity continue today, in a region anchored by a variety of flagship manufacturing companies and filled with highly-trained people ready to push their technological and production skills even further. 

Physical distribution networks aren’t the only networks ready to serve you here. The unwavering support from our Newport News team is accessible anytime to help you find solutions for advanced manufacturing challenges.


A Workforce Hungry for Opportunities

Newport News is an integral part of the Hampton Roads regional labor market.

Advanced Manufacturing

A world-class logistics structure is assembled and ready. We stand out among top locales, with seldom-found quinti-modal transportation, giving you access to land, air, sea, rail and even space.