Downtown / The Yard District

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Excitement Surrounds a New Vision

Downtown has a long history of industry and commerce. It is home to the nation’s only shipyard that builds both nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines; two waterfront terminals for exporting coal and a state-owned port facility specializing in the transport of break-bulk and roll-on/roll-off products. Now, a new vision reimagines the district to include better connectivity to neighborhoods, improved transit options, reuse of historic buildings for housing and offices, a redefined gateway at Downtown’s main entrance at Washington Ave & 28th St. and an enhanced waterfront with a public pier and other amenities for workers and residents alike.

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News From Downtown

September 13, 2023

Monument Companies Leads a Downtown Reimagined Plan Reutilization Project

December 19, 2021

Corey Jones State Farm Agency Expands Downtown

July 15, 2021
Downtown Newport News, VA

Newport News Re-Energizes Downtown

March 8, 2021
facade improvement grant

A Brand New Look with the help of the Façade Improvement Grant

March 8, 2021
by the water, coaster fermentors

Provost Construction Leads Revitalization of Restaurant Row

June 30, 2017

Master Machine & Tool Co.

April 28, 2017

Custom Vinyl Products

February 16, 2017

Newport News Shipbuilding Foundry & North Yard Improvements