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August 8, 2019
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A Brand New Look with the help of the Façade Improvement Grant
March 8, 2021

Provost Construction Leads Revitalization of Restaurant Row

by the water, coaster fermentors

Development of the Downtown 23rd Street Corridor, also referred to as Restaurant Row, continues in alignment with the vision laid out by the “Downtown Reimagined” plan. Local developer, Provost Construction, has turned an approximately 9,000-square-foot warehouse building at 206 23rd Street into its corporate headquarters. Local microbrewery, Coastal Fermentory, recently completed its interior buildout in the same warehouse building and opened in December 2020.

The adjoining multi-story warehouse buildings at 208, 212 and 216 23rd Street are being converted by Provost into a mixed-use, 32-unit apartment building, with first-floor restaurant and retail space available for lease. Provost has been exploring several restaurant concepts and has recently signed the first tenant lease for a portion of the first floor restaurant/retail space. Full buildout of the first mixed-use building at 208 23rd Street is anticipated to be completed by spring 2021.

City staff have been coordinating design and early-phase planning and budgeting of public improvements to the 23rd Street Corridor, which will complement private sector efforts in the area.