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Congratulations! You are about to embark on an exciting and challenging adventure—growing a business. We look forward to assisting you as a member of the Newport News business community, a fun, vibrant, growing group of people and companies representing just about every business sector you can think of.

We are excited for you to get started and hope you are too. So, let's get on with things and get you the information you need to grow your business in Newport News!

Knowing you have the power of the EDA and the City beside you the whole way, you’ll want to begin with the information below to help you Grow.


What does growth mean to you? Hiring more employees? Upgrading your office space? Expanding your offerings? Whatever your answer, we couldn’t be more excited to help. Because our job is to help the Newport News residents and community thrive, and your business growth accomplishes just that. So thanks for growing with us. In return, here is a simple list to help propel you into your next chapter.



Doing Business with Local, State and Federal Government

Workforce Development

To-do List

  • Hire Your First Employee
  • Expand or Relocate
  • Façade Improvement Grant
  • Commercial Rehabilitation Tax Abatement

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