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January 19, 2018
West Village Barkery
West Village Barkery
September 21, 2020

Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary

Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary is a retail store that specializes in medicinal and crafting herbs, healing and cleansing services, and metaphysical supplies. Located at 10353 Warwick Blvd in Hilton, the store opened for business in May 2016 and is owned and operated by Jenneane William.

The inspiration for starting the business came from Ms. William’s own personal experience. She previously worked as a business management analyst and experienced an injury on a job site that caused her to need multiple medications. Frustrated with the side effects, she started researching and trying herbal remedies that she attributes to helping improve the recovery of her memory and motor skills. This led her to decide to open her business in an effort to assist others.

Mother Earth offers over 100 herbs and teas to customers. It also offers free education classes that focus on teaching individuals how to be proactive in their health and change the quality of their life. Since opening, the business has expanded from one to three rooms and has been reconfigured six times in order to handle the expanding customer base. One of the main focuses of the store is to provide a bridge between holistic and traditional medicine.

The business bases its model on community outreach and empowerment. All services are free to cancer patients who are currently receiving treatments, and to individuals preparing to undergo organ transplants.