May 4, 2018

Newport News Behavioral Health Center

Newport News Behavioral Health Center provides mental health treatment for youth ages 11-18 in a secure, therapeutic environment. The 108-bed residential treatment facility offers programs such as life skills training, individual and group therapies, substance abuse education, transitional services, and accredited educational services.

Also available is a music therapy program and a unique, seasonal equine therapy program. The programs are designed to provide each individual resident with quality mental health treatment that encourages the development of positive feelings and behavior. The staff represents a community of caring professionals dedicated to promoting lasting change within the individual and their family.

In 2015, a new Acute Care Facility opened adjacent to the residential treatment facility. The acute care program specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents ages 8 to 17 who suffer from mental health crises. The 13,000 square foot facility offers 24 beds and each unit has consultation rooms, treatment rooms, and activity rooms. The facility is open 24 hours a day for evaluations and intake.

The Newport News Behavioral Health Center is located in the Lee Hall area and fills the void for emergency care facilities in the area for young people in need of mental health treatment.