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January 18, 2019
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Elliott & Duggan’s Trophy and Swim and Sport Stop

School isn’t in session anymore, but alarm clocks are still going off early so kids can head to swim team practice. Elliott & Duggan’s Trophy and Swim and Sport Stop is a family owned business that has been supporting swim teams, athletes and countless others for over 30 years. Located in Newport News at 13641 Warwick Blvd, Suite B, the business is a combination trophy and swim shop.

Elliott & Duggan’s specializes in making custom trophies, plaques, ribbons, resins and acrylics. All engraving is done in-house on a variety of textiles, including glass, metal and silver. The Swim and Sport Stop carries a variety of competitive swimwear, including championship suits, racing suits, goggles, swim caps, snorkels and many other swimwear items. They want each swimmer to have the opportunity to succeed, so they are able to create custom size swimsuits for each unique body type.

Elliott & Duggan’s is a true success story of a family business that has blossomed in Newport News. Maureen Camden decided to rent space from the previous owner of the trophy business and opened up the Swim and Sport Stop. A few years later, her husband Cliff, purchased the existing trophy business and the couple combined the businesses. Their three daughters – Angel, Jaime and Emily – now handle the daily business operations and are proud to continue their family’s legacy.

To learn more about Elliott & Duggan’s, call 757-874-7897 or follow them on Facebook.