Menchville Marina
Menchville Marina Receives More Funding for Enhancements
December 17, 2021

Seafood Industrial Park Welcomes Some New Faces

Ian Fernandez, Fernandez Fisheries, LLC.
Ian Fernandez is a third-generation commercial fisherman. His great-grandfather emigrated from Madrid, Spain. Fernandez Fisheries owns four ocean trawlers targeting the Atlantic sea scallop and shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico. Fernandez will be improving the property in the near future by building a new maintenance facility at the Seafood Industrial Park (SIP).

Steve Harger, Wanchese Fish Company, Inc.
Wanchese is a subsidiary of the international company, Cooke Seafood. Wanchese has 18 ocean trawlers targeting scallops, shrimp and fish. In addition to mooring vessels and maintenance operations at SIP, Wanchese has an agreement with South Bay Fish Mongers. South Bay occupies part of the building and processes fish for regional restaurants.

Sakhone Youmagul, J & R Tidewater Welding and Machining, Inc.
Sakhone Youmagul, President of J & R Tidewater Welding and Machining, Inc., better known at SIP as “Rocky,” provides unique and vital fabricating services to the SIP fleet, visiting vessels and the local fabricating needs of numerous trucking companies, commercial kitchens and houses of worship. Rocky emigrated from Thailand in the late 1970s and is considered invaluable to the SIP fleet.