Riverside Diagnostic Center Designated Breast Imaging Center of Excellence
November 22, 2007
Newport News Public Schools Earn Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) Awards
January 10, 2008

Newport News Automotive Injector Plant Gains Top Quality Recognition

Siemens VDO has recognized its Newport News fuel injection projection plant with an award as the top quality mechanical plant in Siemens VDO’s worldwide system. The Newport News plant competed with approximately 50 other locations for this distinction. Defect rates at the Newport News plant averaged an amazing 1.67 parts per million over a twelve month period ending in September 2007. This award is a testimony not only to the plant’s management and continuous improvement philosophy, but also to the technologically proficient and committed Newport News workforce. Siemens recently sold its entire VDO Automotive division to Continental, the German tire and auto parts manufacturer in a deal valued at more than $15 billion.