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EDA Introduces Coworking Space Project
March 8, 2021

Brooks Crossing Offers Virtual Entrepreneurship Classes For All Ages

community of innovation, Brooks Crossing

One of the goals of the Brooks Crossing Innovation and Opportunity Center is to empower the next generation of leaders to chase their dreams and develop solutions to the world’s most challenging problems. The Center’s “Unreasonable Kids” entrepreneurship programs developed by Old Dominion University create a safe, peer-to-peer, coach-led environment to facilitate and inspire world changers, and scholarships exist for residents.

Participants in previous “Unreasonable Kids” programs at the Innovation Lab voted on how to expand, and they chose to offer an Entrepreneurship Course for parents. During this two-part series, parents learned how to take a business from idea to fruition and developed an understanding of the legal requirements of businesses, ranging from copyrights to trademarks.