Connecting, Innovating & Building Community
Investing In The Future
Accelerating Opportunity, on a Grand Scale


Mia D. Joe / PhDc, Director / Brooks Crossing Innovation Lab

“The Innovation Lab will empower students, teachers and anyone with a desire to learn and grow. The possibilities for STEM skill development are endless, and will offer life-changing doors of opportunity for so many in this community.”


Florence G. Kingston / Director of the Department of Development

"Economic development is not just a field of professional practice, but a passion rooted in the knowledge that economic development can and does generate change in communities, bettering the lives of their citizens.”

Thomas Keegan / Vice President / Manufacturing Engineering Group / Canon Virginia, Inc.

"We like to think of Canon as a technology company. We’re constantly training people for their next job here at Canon.”


Ben Carson / U.S. HUD Secretary

It’s my privilege to award this grant to the City of Newport News. They were selected from dozens of applicants because of the vision they put forward – and the promise of that vision to uplift those who need a hand.”