Transportation Improvements & Infrastructure

February 15, 2017
Team Henry Enterprises
February 9, 2017
Liebherr to invest $45M to expand footprint in Newport News
August 10, 2018

Lately, visitors to the Copeland Industrial Park area may have noticed changes taking place along Aluminum Avenue and Chestnut Avenue. Infrastructure improvements are underway in the area that are designed to benefit companies throughout the park, including Liebherr. The work taking place is currently Phase II of a three-phase project that will provide greater turn radii at several intersections along the Chestnut Avenue and Roanoke Avenue corridors, increased roadway width along Chestnut Avenue and better connections to the I-664 on- and off-ramps at Roanoke Avenue and Chestnut Avenue. Once the project is complete, the park’s main traffic infrastructure system will be more suited to handle large trucks travelling throughout the industrial park. This includes shipments from Liebherr’s manufacturing facility, where they manufacture the largest mining truck in the world.