Newport News Industrial

Newport News Shipbuilding Foundry & North Yard Improvements
February 16, 2017
Printpack Inc.
February 16, 2017

In June, Newport News Industrial (NNI) announced plans for a major expansion project at the company’s headquarters facility in Oakland Industrial Park. The expansion is slated to almost double the company’s presence in Oakland Industrial Park by adding approximately 52,000 square feet to the existing 66,000-square-foot facility. In addition, NNI will be installing a variety of heavy machinery and cranes necessary for the increase in steel fabrication work being undertaken. This investment in facilities and machinery will serve to support NNI’s expanding efforts as a supplier to the nuclear power facility industry. In addition to the $20 million investment the expansion represents, the company announced the increased workload will lead to the creation of at least 120 new positions for highly skilled workers.

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