Liebherr Mining Equipment Company

February 16, 2017
Mühlbauer, Inc.
March 9, 2017

Liebherr Mining Equipment announced in February 2013 an expansion of its existing facility located in both Newport News and Hampton in Copeland Industrial Park. The expansion project represents new capital investment of $45.4 million and the creation of 174 new jobs. New investment is in the form of new machinery and tools to create a second production line, physical improvements to the factory and infrastructure, and a building expansion of approximately 60,000 square feet. Staff worked closely with key internal City departments, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, the Peninsula Council for Workforce Development and the City of Hampton to facilitate the decision by Liebherr to expand at its Newport News facility rather than competing international existing facilities, and to begin project implementation. Spearheaded by this project, much needed improvements to the public infrastructure and appearance of Copeland Industrial Park are being planned. Staff was successful in obtaining approval from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for a $650,000 grant from its Economic Development Access Program (EDAP) to be utilized for City Line Road and surrounding area improvements. The grant, which requires a local match of $150,000 approved previously by City Council, will allow a critical funding mechanism needed for the new exiting traffic flow pattern of Liebherr’s mining trucks. The City Line Road upgrade is imperative in order for the expansion to happen.