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We invite you as a member of the Newport News business community, a fun, vibrant, ever-growing group of people and companies representing just about every business sector you can think of.

Knowing you have the power of the EDA and the City beside you the whole way, we’ll want to begin with four basic steps: Plan, Permit, Launch and Grow. Maybe you've done some of that, maybe none yet, know our team is only a phone call away at any point during that process. If you're still in concept phase trying to figure out a way to commercialize a dream, we can help get you in personalized guidance and mentorship in no time. Our team is rooting for you, and vested in moving your dreams to done!

Rev. Carter
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I’m extremely excited to be able to keep this business in the Southeast Community and add to the redevelopment efforts related to the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative currently underway in the surrounding neighborhood.

Rev. Carter
C. C. Carter Funeral Home

You Have the Power of Our EDA Team & City on Your Side to Help Expand

Seamless integration of resources, incentive access and faster scaling.

What does growth mean to you? Hiring more employees? Upgrading your office space? Expanding your offerings? Whatever your answer, we couldn’t be more excited to help. Because our job is to help the Newport News residents and community thrive, and your business growth accomplishes just that. So thanks for growing with us. In return, we're your hands-on helpers to propel you into your next chapter.

Jorge Rivera
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Our sincere desire to work with the Southeast Community to create new jobs and provide shipyard training was a driving force behind our decision to select Newport News.

Jorge Rivera
CEO and Chairman / S23 Holdings LLC

Access the Right Tools, Resources & Team for Proven Relocation Success

Be in the best state for business, and the best City for growth and support.

The City of Newport News is a premier destination for businesses looking to expand and grow, with all the resources you need to make it happen. We provide assistance and support for not just workforce development, financial incentives and access to programs that can help you achieve your goals quickly, but for location assistance and unrivaled concierge-like support and resources.

Rod Hopponstall
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Virginia offers our business many benefits and opportunities based on its strategic location as a supply chain hub, access to a skilled workforce, and potential for future growth.

Rod Hepponstall
President and CEO / High Liner Foods

Local business support to drive your global competitiveness

Wherever you're from, you're home here.

The combination of intentional, well-maintained infrastructure, a qualified labor pool and support for a wide range of industries makes Newport News the ideal location for American companies with an overseas reach and vice versa. Our City offers a multicultural community makeup with connectivity, resources and accessibility of a major hub without the hefty cost or crowd. On average, Newport News citizens enjoy 50% lower cost of living than those in New York City, and business taxes, energy costs and other labor fees are extremely reasonable.

Nacho Nuez
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Virginia is centrally located in the mid-Atlantic region, which is a great location to support our customers, and we can easily ship to distribution centers by truck or rail from our manufacturing facility or from the port.

Nacho Nuez
Managing Director / Certified Origins

Retail, Café & Office Suites Available for Lease

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The Center of All Things Good

Accessible by air, train, car, or even aircraft carrier, Newport News’s central location gives businesses and residents a rich offering of experiences. Take in an off-Broadway show that’s made its way down from Manhattan. Savor the fresh catch that’s just been brought in from the water. Walk barefoot along a riverside beach at sunset. And any time you want to get away, Newport News Airport is in your backyard, and major hubs of DC, Norfolk, and Richmond are an easy car ride away.

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Our International Business Support Drives Your Global Success

Newport News isn’t just located in the center of the east coast—it’s at the center of the international business world. Newport News already boasts a variety of leading international businesses and we're always ready to welcome more. Read more about how our ample infrastructure, top-tier accessibility and diverse community can position your company for growth on American soil and help your success reach all ends of the Earth.

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