Defined by Resilience and Innovation, We Create Things in Newport News

In Newport News, great things are happening on the job front. We’re home to a wide variety of professional, entrepreneurial, trade-centered and service-oriented occupations. And we offer employment opportunities that run the gamut from R&D to national defense, from food processing to wholesale distribution.

new-blue-collar-downloadNewport News is known for shipbuilding and we build and launch the world’s finest naval vessels. But did you know that technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of our economic base? In Newport News we’re also into healthcare services, manufacturing, printing, teleservices, wholesale distribution and so much more.

You could say that Newport News offers a “New Blue Collar” environment where skilled tradesmen with specialized training and certifications are as sought after as “white collar” professionals.

In the varied business climate of Newport News, scientists at world-renowned Jefferson Lab study the subatomic particles that make up all visible matter. Visitors at nearby Virginia Living Museum study the state’s 250-plus animals and plants. And staff at Canon Virginia study the results of production line expansion related to demand for laser cartridges in its 700,000 square-foot automated center.

These Newport News-based entities, and many more, are looking toward an exciting and successful future where the abundant opportunity for business development goes hand in hand with a long list of attractive lifestyle amenities. You feel the energy of our business community everywhere, which makes it clear that in Newport News, great things are happening.

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