More than a Main Street

Welcome to the “New Blue Collar.” Newport News is a place where the world’s greatest ships get built, along with some of the nation’s greatest industries. All of which start with the grit and gumption of skilled tradesmen and business people who roll up their sleeves and move projects into new frontiers.
Every year, more and more tech companies choose to call Newport News home. Entrepreneurs choose Newport News to begin their craft breweries and creative agencies. Families choose Newport News because it’s one of the finest places in the country to build memories, traditions, and lives. With world-class education, entertainment, dining, and recreation, Newport News is building a diverse community, eager to welcome you as our newest neighbor.

The center of all things good

Easily accessible by air, train, car, and even battleship, Newport News’s central location gives its businesses and residents a rich offering of experiences. Take in an off-Broadway show that’s made its way down from Manhattan. Savor the fresh catch that’s just been brought in from nearby Virginia Beach. Walk barefoot along a riverside beach at sunset. Explore the miles of biking and hiking trails that crisscross our beautiful natural landscape. And any time you want to get away from it all, the Newport News Airport is in your backyard, while the major hubs of DC, Norfolk, and Richmond are an easy car ride away. (Which also means anyone doing business with you can get here without any hassle.)


Life well spent

Location, location, location. Normally, those words mean you’ll have to pay the big bucks to achieve it. Not in Newport News. With our diverse assortment of top-notch public and private schools, affordable housing, easy day trips to beaches and mountains, and tax incentives designed to save you money, you’ll find that Newport News gives your company and your family the best of all possible worlds.


Let’s paint the town

When you’re ready to kick back and enjoy yourself, you’ll be able to take your pick of entertainment options in Newport News. We have a vibrant restaurant and bar scene that features exceptional local fare and drinks from nearby wineries, breweries, and distilleries. You’ll find live music options both day and night, and local events and festivals of all kinds keep our residents dancing and learning year-round. Not to mention the incredible line-up at nearby Hampton Coliseum where you can experience everything from rodeos to superstar concerts, arena racing to jazz festivals.


A place where kids can be kids

Newport News puts a lot of stock on family values. With private school options, a robust public education system, countless parks, and a commitment to family-friendly community programs in arts, sports, and STEM, kids grow up surrounded by opportunity. They are also surrounded by friends of different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, which gives them a tangible feeling of diversity and inclusion. We are committed to building the curiosity and skills of our children so that they can, one day, build healthy lives of their own.

Business Neighborhoods


Southeast Community




Copeland Industrial Park




Greater Oyster Point


Patrick Henry Corridor


Upper Warwick Corridor


Oakland Industrial Park


The art and soul of a place

Newport News is where the strength of workers, inventors and businesspeople meets the soulfulness of artists, storytellers, and makers. With a strong commitment to the arts and culture, our City is home to phenomenal museums, theaters, and historical sites. Our Mariner Museum is our nation’s official maritime museum. The Virginia Living museum is part wildlife park and aquarium, part botanical preserve, part science museum, and part planetarium. The ballet, opera, and other performance arts are always paying visits to the area, and people come from near and far to experience the history that’s baked into our region. All of which results in a vibrant and well-rounded community with a true appreciation of art and culture.


Public Sculptures


World Arts Celebration Event


Where the sunshine is plentiful and adventures are infinite

There are very few places on earth where you can experience the serene beauty of a river meeting the ocean, while being only a few hours from a storied mountain range. Ours is a landscape built for hiking and biking, canoeing and kayaking, walking, running, swimming, and sunning. With a temperate climate, you’ll get to experience all four seasons without any of them being too extreme. A quick road trip lands you at Virginia Beach, the Appalachian mountains, or the Outer Banks of North Carolina. In Newport News, there’s always a reason to get outside and have an adventure, and luckily, you’ll find bazillions to choose from.


Live well and feel well

Balance. It’s one of the best things about life in Newport News. We work hard, we play hard, and we make sure it’s never hard to take care of ourselves. We are ranked in the top 10 cities for healthcare in the country (note: if that is still correct…going off the 2013 table). Our city government works hard to provide an assortment of farmers’ markets and high-quality grocery stores to all areas of the City. And with all the parks and community events, you’ll find an energetic and wellness-oriented lifestyle that leads to healthy neighbors and all kinds of prosperity.

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